Drip  drop, drip drop, pitter patter, pitter patter, swoooooooosh, pourrrr

I hear the rain, with a cup of hot expresso, outside my office,
Drops falling on to the facade creating patterns slowly take me into a dream,
Pleasant memories flashing in my mind and all the dark ones fading away,
I’m remembered of the experiences and learning that have come my way.

I dream of her singing & dancing,
Never seem to mind the water dripping,
I smile when i stand there waiting for her gaze,
As she took every step with so much grace.

She turned around and her eyes set on me,
Watching her dance filled me with glee,
Left she moved and right she swayed,
Looked as if she had the rainbow ornate her braid,
She slipped a little and chuckled to herself,
I felt my heart slip away all by itself.

A drip of joy, a drop of happiness,
Watching her dance took away my stress,
How wonderful would it be to be her man,
I could be with her whenever i can.

Then came a thought that gave me fear,
I think her as mine, but she is unclear,
Love her i did more than my life,
Could not convince her to be my wife,

If it all it has to come to that in the end,
I ask thee god, take care of my friend.
Let the rain take away my pain,
Give me the strength to fall in love again.